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Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Archaeological Museum of Nemea - Ancient Nemea

Thoughts: Peering Through Window

By Alexios Demos on April 12, 2020
Site Model of Archaeological Site Ancient Nemea Temple of Zeus
Architectural Site Model | Archaeological Museum of Nemea | © Copyright 2021 Alexios Demos

Indicative Information | Tickets Full: €6, Reduced: €3 | Visiting Times Summer: 08:00 -20:00 | Ancient Nemea, Nemea (Prefecture of Korinthia) Postcode: 20500 | More info call +302746022739 / 2746022739

Archaeological Museum of Nemea - Ancient Nemea


From the beginning of the Coronavirus quarantine I have been trying to find a photo from my travels to Greek Temples that captures the essence of this Challenge for me personally. Pictured is the Archaeological Museum of Nemea funded & constructed in 1984 by American philhellenes and gifted to the state. There is a wonderful retro feel to the admittedly dated museum that however has this incredibly memorable window where you can simultaneously enjoy a framed view of the Temple of the Nemean Zeus and a scale model of the entire site (in the plexiglass)! For me this is exactly what the quarantine feels like; you have this unique view within arm’s grasp that you are curious to explore & discover yet you patiently wait in the grim shadows but there is also tremendous optimism as the view gives focus & motivation and you have something compelling to look forward to!


If you have a moment to comment I would be interested to hear what this “view” represents to you. Is it a trip? Is it a fresh idea that was born out of the pandemic? Is it a longing to see friends in another city? Is it an opportunity to restructure your life to achieve your true potential?


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