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AETHER - Ancient Greek Words

Aether - Ancient Greek Words

F16's Low Fly Over This Incredible Stadium at Ancient Messene Shaking the Valley & Ancient Myths!

By Alexios Demos on Novmeber 15, 2021
Stadium of Ancient Messene with F16 Aircrafts Greek Words Aether
Stadium | Archaeological site of Ancient Messene | Messene | © Copyright 2021 Alexios Demos

Indicative Information | Tickets Full: €10, Reduced: €5 | Visiting Times Summer: 08:00 - 20:00 | Mauromati-Ithomis, Mauromati (Prefecture of Messinia) Postcode: 24002 | More info call +302724051201 / 2724051201

Stadium of Ancient Messene - Aether


From Plato’s dialogue “Timaeus” (360 BC) who refers to a new unknown element known as “aether” and Aristotle’s “On the Heavens” (350 BC) who mentions a fifth element that solely exists in the cosmos the word “aether” would capture the world’s imagination for beyond 2000 years! In fact, this magical fifth element was believed to be the invisible building matter of giant cosmic orbs on which planets and stars were “fixed” on (like cloves on an orange) and accounted for their observed rotation!


Photographing this stunning stadium, I was ambushed by roaring F-16s flying especially low and could feel the vibration of the soundwaves on my chest! The valley lit up with howling animals and animated the imagination for at least 10 minutes reminding me of a common greek phrase to describe fighter jets in flight. The phrase is: "σκίζουν τους αιθέρες" that translates into: "ripping the heavens - the sky". The actual word used, however, is not "ουρανός - sky" but rather "αιθέρες - aethers" referencing ancient Greek mythology. In Greek mythology Aether is the son of Erebus & Nyx and is the primordial “god of light and the bright, blue ether of the heavens”. Keep in mind Aether’s mother Nyx primeval goddess of the night is both much older and much stronger than Zeus who feared her! Hence after Aether, aethers, or the skies is still used today linguistically. The unique contrast of the immobile ancient marble ruins and the 2,000km/hr racing F16s inspired me to write this post!


I do feel the word is gaining popularity again from unexpected sources such as the well-known cryptocurrency (Ether – Ethereum) and via the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Aether – Reality Infinity Stone). It is noteworthy that recently Facebook announced it would change its name to "Meta", meta in greek means after, and perhaps its first application is in the word metaphysics (beyond / after - physics). Both Plato and Aristotle were trying to explain what is happening after (meta) the physics (the world as we know it and experience it and the relationship between mind & matter) such as in space. Aether as a fifth element was necessary to create a framework for this thought and it is rather magical to see its link with the word Meta and how pertinent they are both today! I suspect it won't be long before another business behemoth uses Aether as spelled here, in its original spelling, as its corporate name!


What are your thoughts?


Date of Visit: Oct 21, 2021 Weather Conditions: An Incredibly Warm & Peacfull Fall Noon


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